Where are Our Interns Headed Next?

April 30, 2015 6:00 AM

As summertime is quickly approaching, our spring interns are about to fly the coop. Before they head out, we wanted to check in on how the internship went and what their plans look like for the coming months!

Wesley Haddon- B Corp Intern 

Since beginning this internship, I’ve had an opportunity to learn a little bit about a lot of things that go into keeping a co-working space running.  I worked on cleaning up HQ’s inventory and restocking system, cutting down operating expenses, and rewriting the event planning policy to reduce event waste.  Of all of the things I’ve done though, my favorite part had to be having the chance to so much time in the space.  Between interning, putting in a few hours a week at the Entrepreneurship Clinic upstairs, attending events, and working on my own school work at HQ now and then (the coffee’s not as good at NCSU’s library), I’ve been around some of the best ideas and most interesting people there are.  The overall positive and driven atmosphere has made a huge impact on my view of the entrepreneurial world.  This summer, I’ll be changing gears and working with a “one-man”, international wine distribution operation to develop business in the triangle area.  I look forward to giving marketing and sales a try, working in the world of international business, and learning a thing or two about wine in the process.  I’ll be right back at NCSU this fall and working once again with the Entrepreneurship Clinic, so I’ll hopefully see some familiar faces then.  In the meantime, good luck to everybody, thank you for making HQ great, and have a great summer!

Mark Graham- Events Coordination Intern 

I can’t believe that my time at HQ Raleigh is already coming to a close. I can honestly say that I looked forward to arriving each day and couldn’t have asked for a better experience here. One of my favorite things about the internship was meeting new people on a daily basis and seeing how passionate they were about their startup businesses.  HQ Raleigh truly is a community and I take pride in the fact that I have had the opportunity to be a part of it.  While I am sad to leave, I will either be taking an internship in Raleigh or Winston-Salem for the summer and cannot wait to apply all that I have learned to my next opportunity.

Mackenzie Morgan- PR & Communications Intern 

My time at HQ Raleigh truly flew by, but being that this is the most enjoyable internship I've ever had, I'm not too surprised. This spring I've learned so much about networking, as well as marketing through social media. I've run many blog post, "tweets", and Facebook posts over the past few months! My favorite part of working here at HQ Raleigh has definitely been 1) the location. I love the heart of downtown Raleigh, and 2) the people. The atmosphere here is so alive and vibrant every day! It's been a wonderful opportunity being able to work here this semester. From here I'm taking a huge turn and moving from Raleigh to Wilmington, NC to finish out a degree in Communications and International Relations at UNC Wilmington, as well as start Culinary School this summer. Meanwhile I'll be passing time as a Port City Java barista. It's been great to meet everyone here! Thanks for making this internship memorable!

Sarah Guizard
, PR & Communications Intern 

With every internship it is hard to conclude a learning and growing experience. For HQ Raleigh it is even harder. HQ Raleigh has been a source of immense insight and true growth for me as a professional.This internship gave me limitless opportunities in forms of communication and beyond. I was able to extend myself into countless projects that showed me my strengths and weaknesses in my field.

Through this internship I have felt like a true part of the team and incredibly valued by the people of HQ Raleigh. My favorite aspects of the internship included designing graphics for the HQ Raleigh space, cultivating communication & marketing for the ThinkHouse program, and creating relationships in the community.

After completing this internship I will be graduating from NC State University with a degree in Communication-PR with a minor in Arts Entrepreneurship. I will be pursuing communication this summer at OrderUp until I leave the Raleigh area to travel Europe for three months. I anticipate possibly coming back to the Raleigh area but am open to going wherever the best opportunity brings me.


Thanks for getting to know all the interns this spring!

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