What's up with Startup & Play?

March 10, 2015 11:30 AM

The Spring Startup and Play is coming up at HQ Raleigh on Thursday, March 12th. If you've never been before, or if you have been but want to know what to expect this week, we've got a quick run-down here!

Startup and Play is like a science fair, but for entrepreneurs and startups. 10 local companies will have booths set up where they can display and present their product or service to the crowd.

After about 45 minutes of networking (and by networking, we mean something like a giant game of Rock, Paper, Scissors), food and beer, 3 companies will have a chance to pitch their startups to the crowd for 5 minutes each. Attendees might be potential customers, investors, or future employees, all ready to hear why these ideas could be the next big thing.

At Thursday's event, Jed Carlson, co-founder of ReverbNation, will close with a short keynote presentation about his entrepreneurial endeavors.

So, who's showcasing at the Spring SUP?

We hope to see you all on Thursday from 6-8pm! More info and registration is here.

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