Triangle collaborates for education entrepreneurship

February 19, 2015 9:59 AM

There's a really great graphic via UP Global and Education Entrepreneurs that depicts "the entrepreneur's journey." (pictured below).

The first three (or really, four) steps on that pathway are what Triangle Startup Weekend: Education is all about. We're bringing people together around one central, HUGE, and important theme to point out solvable problems, to inspire action, and to learn from and motivate each other. And, in just a matter of 54 hours, these people are launching real startups.

At the last Triangle Startup Weekend: Education, Durham-based startup Trinket (formerly CourseFork) was launched by Elliott Hauser and Brian Marks. They've continued to scale, participating in The Startup Factory and raising funding. And now Brian is giving back to the education entrepreneurship community, by coaching at this weekend's event. 

We're bringing TSW: EDU back largely in part to the passion of HQ member, Karl Rectanus. His startup, Lea(R)n, recently participated in the Techstars and Kaplan EdTech Accelerator in New York, and has hired several employees in the last few months.

Karl brought the idea to a group of volunteer organizers, and those organizers have been working around the clock to make this event fun, engaging, and incredibly valuable. The speakers, judges, and coaches they've recruited are a diverse lineup of educators, city officials, entrepreneurs, investors, attorneys, and others on a mission to bring education innovation to the Triangle (and beyond).

Plus, HQ member company BetaVersity will have their mobile prototyping lab, the betabox, on site at Centennial Campus on Saturday. They're bringing hands-on technology and design thinking to help turn your education startup ideas into reality.

You can still purchase tickets - and remember, HQ members get 20% off with a special promo code! Email us for more information!


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