ThinkHouse Packed for Grand Opening

February 7, 2014 3:40 PM

The Inaugural ThinkHouse celebrated its grand opening last night with a large gathering at its Boylan Heights location.  Almost eighty people attended, including the eight ThinkHouse Fellows, their families, and friends.  Other attendees included members of the community, City of Raleigh officials, local entrepreneurs such as Scott Moody, and co-founders of HQ Raleigh and the ThinkHouse, including Jesse Lipson.  The Fellows took some time during the night to celebrate their recent business successes and upcoming events with everyone at the house.

The Fellows highlighted partnerships and new product launches.  Sean Newman Maroni's BetaVersity will introduce a new product, Betabox, at the first-ever Triangle Startup Weekend: Maker Edition this April held at HQ Raleigh. The BetaBox is a refurbished shipping container that houses design and fabrication equipment, serving as a maker-lab.  DXLab Design has partnered with HQ Raleigh to open a design incubator at their new location in the Warehouse District, and founder Lance Cassidy is certainly excited.  Cameron Lilly announced that Pop-Up Training will host “Ballroom Yoga” classes for the next two weeks at HQ Raleigh's Capital Club Building pop-up space downtown.  The classes will run twice a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Jay Dawkins also revealed that his company, Cityzen, would be launching this spring in downtown Raleigh.

Other exciting news arose from the Fellows last night.  David Shaner of Offline Media will push for local ad revenue from its city-life experience enhancing content.  Saul Selwyn Flores is gaining ground with more clients with his company Pixbit.  Zach Milburn and HireNC are connecting clients and workers across the sate.  Lastly, Keegan Guizard is starting an afterschool program for middle schoolers who skateboard.  He also has upcoming events in Florida and Georgia with his main project, Collegiate Skate Tour.
The ThinkHouse is an exciting conglomeration of young entrepreneurs working towards positive social and economic impact.  The Fellows are working hard and they already see success.  Special thanks goes to Betaversity for outfitting the ThinkHouse with brainstorm space including whiteboard, chalkboard, and cork walls. Thanks to all who came out in support of this first class of Fellows!

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Written by Edward Scanlan

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