The ThinkHouse with Sarah Guizard

April 23, 2015 12:06 AM

ThinkHouse is a completely new way to enhance and gain legitimacy as young entrepreneur in the Triangle area. By participating in a living, learning environment young entrepreneurs are completely immersed in their business. With constant support, mentors, programs, and co-working at HQ Raleigh these entrepreneurs have all the key elements to be successful.

There are many ways that ThinkHouse accelerates young startups and the entrepreneurs that inhabit it. The most critical part of what makes ThinkHouse one-of-a-kind is the support each fellow receives. Entering into the program, ThinkHouse fellows are immediately part of a cohesive peer network. Starting a business alone is difficult and sometimes scary. By living with seven other people going through the same experiences it can be easier to cope and be successful. Surrounding entrepreneurs with experienced mentors, resources, and a dynamic group of living mates creates an invaluable experience that helps young entrepreneurs iterate their business models.

Being located near in downtown Raleigh the house offers a distinct advantage in the Triangle community. ThinkHouse Raleigh is one example of the many opportunities that are available right in our region of NC. With the connections of the HQ Raleigh & entrepreneurship network of the Oak City young entrepreneurs have a jumpstart into the startup sphere. With Innovate Raleigh's mission to "make our region one of the tip five centers of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country" it enhances ThinkHouse's ability to help fellows create a bright future.

With each new class of fellows there are unique individuals that change the landscape of the program and offer their own customized impression of the aspects that will enhance their experience. Applications for the next class of fellows are open until May 15.

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