The Intern Games

July 6, 2015 9:46 AM

Maddie needed to remain stealthy. She quietly crept towards the back room, knowing she had to get to the switch before Tess did. It was only a matter of time before Team 1 noticed what she was doing. The floor creaked beneath her feet and she froze, certain that someone would look up and see her disappearing into the dark hallway. She didn't have much time. This was life or death.

No, this isn't a dystopian novel; this is the first round of the HQ Green Games: Intern Edition. The interns spent all of last week competing to be the most environmentally friendly, by earning points for every green thing you do. The app is Joulebug, an HQ Member, and the goal is to cut your carbon output, waste, and energy use. Every time you do something helpful to the environment, like use a rag instead of paper towels (Better Picker Upper), refill your reusable water container (Bottle Rocket), or use tupperware instead of Ziploc bag (Pack-a-Sack), you "Buzz," posting about your accomplishments on the app and receive a certain number of points for it.

The Intern Edition started off competitive and only grew more heated from there. Five minutes after the start of the challenge, Tess and Maddie were racing each other to the light switch to earn the Flip Off buzz, and all the interns began chugging their water bottles in the hopes of earning points from refills. Maddie claims that the first day holds the record for the number of bathroom trips she's had to make in a 6-hour period.

The game didn't end when the work day did. The newsfeed lit up with Tess air-drying her laundry, Atticus using and reusing his reusable mug, Kylie taking lightening-fast showers, Caitlin turning off the heated dry on her dishwasher,  and Maddie refilling the oil in her car with the recommended brand for high mileage vehicles (yes, she drives a car older than she is). Over the next two days, the teams remained neck-in-neck. As soon as one member thought they were safe, the other team came from behind to reclaim the lead.

Set to end at noon on Thursday, the interns pushed for their final points. At 11 it looked as though Team 1 was going to sweep, when all of a sudden a huge effort from Kylie and Maddie at the last second brought them over the edge. Team 2 was declared the victor of the Intern Games!

As much fun as that was to read, we know you're itching to get more involved, and you're in luck! The Second Annual HQ Green Games are coming back this summer! Starting on July 21st and running for 10 days, all members have the opportunity to be assigned to one of four teams and compete for the title!

The interest meeting for all who want to participate will be July 16 at lunch time. Catering will be provided, so get pumped about the environment and get ready to fight to the finish against your fellow members. Friendships may not survive, but one team will emerge victorious. So get excited, and GO GREEN!

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