Stones Warehouse Renovation Project

February 25, 2015 10:45 AM

The entrepreneurship scene in Raleigh is booming. HQ Raleigh co-founders Brooks Bell, Jesse Lipson, Christopher Gergen, and Jason Widen recently purchased a building just behind S. Harrington Street, on West Street, where they plan to open a second, larger space in the next 18 months. However, our entrepreneurial growth isn't stopping there!

HQ Raleigh, with another local development group, now has plans to expand the entrepreneurial food scene to the Stones Warehouse in the east side of downtown Raleigh. The Stones Warehouse is currently an abandoned warehouse, taking up almost an entire block of downtown. Current plans include redeveloping the warehouse into a multi-use space for food & beverage entrepreneurs, as well as a possible grocery store. The Raleigh News & Observer called the Stones Warehouse Renovation project possibly one of the "largest redevelopment projects the city has seen."

Nowadays 7 out of 10 start-ups fail, but what if they had the space to start, build, and grow in their local community? Jason Widen, HQ Raleigh co-founder said the Stone Warehouse will become a “flexible and affordable space” where start-up food and beverage companies can “test their products out, share their food, share their beverages, work on their concept and test their products out in the community…without expending a lot of capital."

This renovation will not only benefit the entrepreneurial scene, but will bring more jobs to the area.
As Jason Widen commented, “the economic impact could be huge.”

To learn more about the Stone Warehouse Renovation Project, watch the recent ABC 11 News clip:

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