Sponsor Spotlight: Tranquil Hosting

October 7, 2013 1:42 PM

By now, you may have seen the link in our Weekly Updates promoting free web hosting by HQ sponsor, Tranquil Hosting. But who exactly is Tranquil Hosting and why are they offering our members this deal? Here’s a bit of background on this Raleigh-based business:

Tranquil Hosting is a local company that provides small and medium-sized businesses with services such as managed web hosting and Internet access. They also help startups in designing, implementing, and scaling their web presence.  The team of seven has operated in Raleigh for nearly 13 years, and recently signed on as a sponsor of HQ Raleigh in order to support the growing startup community.

Mark Price, CEO and Founder of Tranquil Hosting, finds value in talking to our members, learning about their work, and hearing different perspectives from fellow entrepreneurs.  He and the Tranquil Hosting team enjoy being a part of the open, sharing atmosphere. “Everyone has an open approach,” says Price, which fosters an ideal environment to collaborate and share advice.

When it comes to sharing advice, Price has a few suggestions for our community. He stresses that while entrepreneurs should “listen to people who have been there before,” they should “ultimately make their own decisions and go with their gut.” He also recommends that startups bootstrap as much as possible. Tranquil Hosting is completely self-funded, which has allowed them greater flexibility in shaping the direction of their company.

Mark stops by the space for office hours, during which time HQ members can receive advice on website performance and technical challenges that might hinder optimum speed or user experience. Tranquil Hosting also offers discounts on web hosting and as one of the few local companies that operates its own data center, they can deliver custom solutions based on the client’s needs.

“We take a lot of pride in what our clients are doing, and our ultimate mission is to enable our clients to accomplish their goals,” says Price.

Learn more about Tranquil Hosting here.

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