Sponsor Spotlight: Smith Anderson & HPG

August 14, 2013 8:42 AM

We recently sat down with Brooks Malone, CPA and Partner at Hughes Pittman Gupton, and Merrill Mason, Attorney with Smith Anderson, to discuss their dual sponsorship at HQ Raleigh. The two have worked in various realms together since the mid nineties and consider themselves peers who share a similar passion for entrepreneurship in the Triangle, which is what spawned their partnership within HQ.  For both Brooks and Merrill, becoming sponsors at HQ Raleigh provides an avenue to be on the front lines of our local startup community.

Their genuine fervor for supporting entrepreneurship was obvious within the first minute of our conversation.  Merrill has been immersed in the startup world for over twenty years, calling himself a lifelong learner. “Merrill is truly an advocate for his clients,” says Brooks, “He and I each strive to be more like an extended part of a startup’s team than a service provider.” Adds Merrill of Brooks, “He is ‘congenitally’ helpful, just always looking for ways to provide assistance whether it’s accounting related or not.” Both men continually emphasized how fun it is for them to get involved in the early stage of a company’s life cycle and play witness to growth and success over time.

As part of their sponsorship, Brooks and Merrill both offer office hours, with a mutual goal of providing entrepreneurs high-quality, high-value services from the get-go. Brooks encourages entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to seek out as much advice as possible and to surround themselves with excellent advisors.  “The cool thing about Raleigh is that people in this community want to be helpful. Start talking to folks to get input. If you respect someone or like what they’re doing, ask them for their opinion.”

Brooks and Merrill host office hours the second Wednesday of each month from 1:00-3:00pm.  If you’re interested in connecting with either, let us know!

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