Sponsor Spotlight: Carrboro Coffee Company

June 26, 2015 9:08 AM

You've smelled them around the office: Carrboro Coffee Roasters is one of our fabulous sponsors here at HQ. Next week we'll be featuring Carrboro Coffee all week, so make sure to mentally thank them for every cup. Or check their website for where to find them in the Triangle to keep getting your fix. Below, Scott Conary, the president of Carrboro Cofffee, shared his story and gives business advice to all our members.

The launch of Carrboro Coffee Roasters all started with a love of coffee and wanting to know as much about it as possible, and eventually have as much control over every step as was reasonably (some would say unreasonably) possible, as is my nature. It was a seemingly natural evolution from starting in retail, as I wanted to be able to answer any questions people might have about the process and what it actually takes to grow, roast and make exceptional coffee, All the while making as equitable and fair a scenario for all parties that would lead to a truly, long term sustainable scenario.

For too long has the coffee farmer been taken advantage of and I wanted to find a better way that did not rely on commodities markets and the overvaluation of price over quality.  We turned that on its head and LEAD with quality first in all things and then work thru the other parts.

If there is a lesson here, that could possibly be applied to other situations, it would be that I lead with a vision of how to make a situation better for everyone involved, NOT how to make a lot of money (quickly or otherwise...). Call it moral imperative or just a quest for a more equitable situation, all while continuing to learn and gain some measure of control over systems while also developing our Industry into something better as well.

Additional advice would be to never stop learning.  It is vital to us in our age old industry to take nothing for granted and continually reach for better and best.

Find those resources in your own industry or reach out to another's and see what parallels there may be can can spark ideas for you.

Learn even more about Carrboro Coffee Roasters here:  http://carrborocoffee.com/carrborocoffee/

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