Utliizing Snapchat for Your Business

May 24, 2016 10:54 AM

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So, you may or may not have heard of this “new” social media platform making waves in the early portion of 2016, called Snapchat. Snapchat, which is still relatively new, is the fastest growing social media platform with over 100 million daily active users and 400 million snaps per day. Snapchat is a photo and messaging app that was launched in 2011. The main distinguisher, for those who don’t know, is that all photos and videos can only be viewed only for a limited time before they disappear forever, unless you take a screenshot of course.

Currently, businesses are trying to figure out the best ways to utilize the platform to target the teens, tweens, and millennials that consume the platform. Contrary to other social media channels, the content you post on Snapchat is short lived, thus take more thoughtfulness and effort to make a long­-term impact. 


Users are able to send pictures or video directly to friends who follow them and/or post them to their “Story.” The story is the “feed” of snapchat which allows anyone the opportunity to view the content you’ve uploaded.

Features Unique to Snapchat:
  1. There are no likes, shares, or comments associated with the platform. This simply means that there is no easy way to share or increase engagement.
  2. New followers must manually add you, and vis versa.  Snapchat does not provide suggestions of users to follow.
  3. Snapchat forces users into “active” use of the platform.  Because there isn’t a central “news feed” users must find and click the content they want to interact with.So, Snapchat is a great channel for brands to take advantage of, however it can be a bit intimidating. Most brands should be snapping multiple times a day, 5 days of the week (minimum). If your target market fits the Snapchat user demographic then you need to be there! 

Lucky for you, we have identified 6 ways for you and your business to take advantage of Snapchat and utilize the platform best for your business. 


1. The “How”
You need to think about the voice, the face, the tone, and the attitude. Snapchat is a very personable channel and most brands have faces associated with their Snapchat accounts. In other words, these are the people who run the businesses Snapchat account. They are literally the face and voice to your brand and will represent you and execute the content on Snapchat. 

Consistency is key here, as most brands usually have 1­3 people handling the account on a regular basis, which helps to maintain a good rapport with the audience. This is the best option and will make your brand more personable and approachable. Otherwise, you will want to consider using influencers to takeover your account and/or guest contributors. Guest contributors can serve as co-­hosts to takeovers for the week, an event, etc.

2. Exclusive Content
The content you offer and produce on Snapchat will be what makes or breaks you. People want to see exclusive content that they can't find on your other channels, or different versions of content on your existing accounts. This exclusive content can be...
  • Behind­ The ­Scenes 
  • Exclusive Deals & Coupon Codes
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Live Events
  • Office Tours

3. Geo­Filters
A great way to advertise and get your name out there, is to create branded filters. These filters can be created and targeted by location and will show up on people’s Snapchat account to use on their photos. Check out a few examples here. 

4. Campaigns
A great way to take advantage of Snapchat is to set it up as more of a “campaign” based channel. Maybe your business hosts a lot of events, fundraisers, or marketing campaigns. Use this platform to only showcase content from those stand­out happenings. As long as your followers are aware of your plan and strategy and know when they can expect content, you're good. 

5. For Customer Feedback
Snapchat is a great tool for getting good customer interaction and feedback. Build into your Snapchat content opportunities to talking about your product and ask people to message (chat) you with their thoughts. Snapchat users love being as involved in creative processes as possible. When brands ask them for feedback they, more often than not, let them fly.

6. For Talent 
Another way to use Snapchat is to discover talent. For people to “win” at Snapchat, they must get creative. Maybe you are looking for a summer intern for a creative position. Give them a prompt and ask them to snap you! This is a great way to be innovative, gain millennials attentions. This really allows you to gain more insight on potential candidate’s creativity (especially on the spot). Insights like these would not be easily recognized in a portfolio or resume. 

Snapchat is an amazing tool that will eventually be an avenue paramount for brand success. While it is still relatively new, brands now have the opportunity to become pioneering leaders and reap the benefits of this ever growing social channel. The audience is there, but how you reach them is all in the art of the “snap.”

Written By:

Charles Etoroma 
When Charles Etoroma is asked, “What do you do?” He normally laughs and answers with Visual Storytelling Creative. He is the Content Strategist for the TCE and has been working in the startup & social media world for the past three years. He currently is a member of HQ Raleigh, so if you see him say hi. We hear he is pretty friendly these days.

Anna Sullivan
Anna Sullivan is the Founder of The Creative Exchange. Anna’s day to day includes creating social strategies, posting and managing multiple brand social media accounts, and spending a ton of time snapping her day away on 

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