Slaying your Energy Zombies with Samantha Attard

June 10, 2015 12:22 AM

Wellness Expert Samantha Attard joined us at HQ yesterday to give us all some pointers about how to make our lives healthier, and how to break out of the bad energy habits we all have. Here are her top 5 energy zombies and how to slay them.

1.  Not getting enough sleep. There is tons of research that shows that lack of sleep can cause huge problems for you. Sleep deprivation has been linked with a lower ability to recognize patterns, lower memory function, and a variety of other problems. Getting enough sleep doesn't necessarily mean exactly eight hours a night. You have to find an amount of sleep that works for you. Another important goal is to find a good routine that works for your body, where you can go to sleep and wake up at similar times every day. This will allow you to get the best sleep possible.

Another sleep tip Samantha advocates for is the coffee nap, where you drink a cup of coffee and go to sleep right away, waking up right when the caffeine starts to kick in.

2. Eat your breakfast. Analogy: If your car was almost out of gas, would you drive around all day on it and fill it up at night, or would you fill it in the morning? Obviously in the morning. It's the same with your body; if you run on fumes all day and then fill your body with food, it won't help as much. Your brain runs on food and energy, so you should be fueling nice and early. Key rule: Fuel early, fuel often.

3. Fill your body with good fuel. Your brain runs on glucose, but we've all experienced the big dip that comes an hour or so after a huge sugar or carb intake. Make sure you're filling your body with protein and complex carbs, and strive to have a healthy diet. This doesn't mean cutting out all carbs, or going vegan. As long as you try to eat more veggies and whole foods, you're on your way to slaying some zombies.

4. Make sure you're getting enough water. There are tons of different opinions about how many ounces of water you should be drinking a day, but one thing that is constant: you should be drinking lots of water. Coffee and tea are not bad for you, but the more water you drink the better. What's more important when it comes to your coffee intake is not that you necessarily limit the number of cups, but that you limit the reasons you're drinking coffee. Caffeine is not a substitute for sleep, so if you're on your seventh cup to get through the day, you might have to go back to zombie number one.

5. Don't give in to stress. Bad things happen. Sometimes you forget to do something, someone calls in sick, or you find out some not-so-great news. Your body is going to react to that, and for about 90 seconds you will have no control over your physical response to a stressful situation. However, after that 90 seconds, you get to make the choice about how you respond. It's important to regain control and calm yourself down. One helpful way to do this? Take a long, deep breath. Even just taking that five seconds to breathe can have a major effect on your stress level.

Learn more about getting rid of your energy zombies and healthy living at Sam's website,

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