Reaching Out to the Right People with Judy Abel

April 29, 2015 7:24 AM

Imagine you are throwing an amazing party. You hired the best mixologist in town, the best band, and the best caterer – all at the best location in town. However, then you get busy. You are so focused on creating the best party that you don’t tell people it’s happening. You don’t reach out to key people in your community who always know the best events in town. After all, you believe if it is the best party in town, people will know and they will come in droves.

Finally, the day of the party comes. You are beyond excited. Everything is ready. You open the doors and no one is there. Hours later only a friend or two you called shows up. What went wrong?

Like the imagined party, your start-up can be the best possible solution out there. It can be solving a real problem for people. However, if the right people, people who would truly benefit or enjoy your product or service, do not know about it, it won’t matter. And if you don’t explain to those people how your product or service solves their issue or need, it won’t matter.

The reality is: if you build it, they won’t necessarily come. They will come, however, if you reach out to the correct group of people at the right time and clearly explain how your product or service meets their needs. In the end, it’s not only what you say but also who you say it to and when you say it that matters.

Judy Abel is the director of strategy at Method Savvy and the founder of 32 Degrees North (, a strategic branding and research consultancy. She works with HQ members to help you navigate the strategy process from branding to messaging to targeting your audience to creating a strong digital presence. Learn more and ask questions at Judy’s office hours on May 6 from 4:30-5:30.

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