NCSU E-Clinic Student Update

March 19, 2015 7:00 AM

Our NCSU Entrepreneurship Clinic has now been up and running for several weeks! We decided to check in with some of the students working in the clinic to hear about what they have been doing so far and how they are benefitting from the clinic.

Kyle Sheats 

The Clinic has been such a great opportunity for myself and others involved. I feel that the work I'm doing is providing me with invaluable experiences that I will be able to look back on in my future ventures. In just these two quick months I have already learned how to use, and become comfortable, with various software that aren't typically taught in my other classes. Software such as Trello, Slack, HubSpot, Optimizely, and ClickBack to name a few, each of which have provided solutions that I've been able to apply to multiple projects within and outside of the Clinic.

I'm becoming a better, faster, smarter entrepreneur because I am able to practice with real world scenarios instead of theoretical. Also, the companies I'm working with (BernieSez, Luxury Shoe Club, & NicoTrax) have all been incredible. They want to help develop us as much as we want to help develop their startups. The fact these companies aren't just looking to delegate intern type work but rather bring us in fully to their day to day thought process has created a unique symbiotic relationship that I'm grateful for. The companies & the culture HQ Raleigh provides is what truly makes this experience so rewarding.

As entrepreneurs we learn from doing, we learn from mistakes, and we learn from others--All three of which are solved by having the Clinic. Just being around the founders of these companies has expanded my knowledge and the projects have taken that even further.

James Long

I am getting invaluable experience as a member of the NCSU Clinical Practicum.  My participation in the program has allowed me experience with various levels of management and authority.  I am team leader for RESQD, a charitable startup focused around providing education to underprivileged orphans overseas.  In this role, I get to work hands-on with the founder, Owen Jordan, and hone my foresight in a truly rewarding context.  We have begun the process of launching a new initiative, in which we will sell canvas art created by the orphans who inspire the business.  I feel as though my work with Owen helps me learn how to expand a company and introduce new products into a somewhat niche market.

Beyond my work with Owen, I am CEO and co-founder of Bulletin Mobile, a mobile application that enhances student success by allowing them to receive messages and reminders about time-sensitive class information.  Bulletin Mobile has been built to integrate with trusted technologies, making the transition into using our software simple for universities.  Not only is our software being used in the Entrepreneurship Clinic, but our company is featured as a partner.  I work with fellow clinician/lead Bobby Macom to market Bulletin Mobile to new universities.  Beyond this imperative, we are working on a partial pivot, in which Bulletin Mobile's new "standalone" version will be sold to and tested by companies and organizations.  Through my experiences working on Bulletin Mobile as part of the Entrepreneurship Clinic, I am learning how to let another person's vision and talents contribute towards making my company the best it can possibly be.

Overall, the NCSU Entrepreneurship Clinic at HQ Raleigh is preparing me to become the independent businessman I've always wanted to be through real-world experience and true immersion in the world of startups.

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