Member Spotlight: Kemp Dunbar

August 11, 2015 8:36 AM

Kemp is an NC State Mechanical Engineer with a passion for small business and entrepreneurship. Currently focused on designing, manufacturing, and marketing with Sluice Hammocks, he wants to share the comfort and versatility of camping-style hammocks with a new audience. He also works as an independent engineering design contractor through Fourth Wind Inc, which he founded in 2012.

  1. If I were running for office, my campaign slogan would reflect the motto of the great state of New Hampshire: “Live Free or Die.” I probably wouldn’t get elected. Perhaps I’d make a better cabinet member or back-room advisor.

  2. If someone wrote a biography about me, the title might be “Love Back, Look Forward”

  3. One thing I cannot live without is my Costa Del Mar Wave 580 lenses.

  4. TV sitcom: I would be Cosmo Kramer’s recurring business partner who transforms his crazy ideas into real working products. Jerry would probably call me Jonathan.

  5. Favorite movie quote: I’m afraid such request cannot be fulfilled

5a. I think I like song lyrics more than movie quotes. Off the top of my head, one favorite is: “Red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme” from the song “1952 Vincent Black Lightning” performed by Del McCoury

  1. I like to empower others with personal endorsements when they may be least expecting them, especially if we have just met or if I am introducing them to a third party. Recognizing the massive energy someone has spent behind the scenes can also provide an instant confidence boost. I also get a big kick out of selling other people’s products at vendor markets for a few minutes at a time. I learn about their products then put my own spin on it and offer creative new benefits to swoon their customers.

  2. If friends described me with one word, they would have to say, “stunning.”

  3. Strangest thing I’ve encountered since starting Sluice Hammocks is that some people just downright refuse to get into the hammock for a test drive. I am sure this is because they know they’ll never want to get out!

  4. A perfect day for me would be spent at a bluegrass music festival in the rolling hills of western North Carolina where the cell phone service is spotty and the harmonies are unadulterated.

  5. I have never really thought about how I will die, but if I must do so, I would prophesize that my last breath may be spent somewhere in Alaska fighting a great halibut fish before it yanks me overboard and drags me to Davy Jones’ Locker.


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