Learn by Doing: Hanna's internship at HQ

November 21, 2013 1:49 PM

The following post was written by our intern, Hanna Yi, who will graduate from NCSU in December with a degree in Communications. She has interned with us since August and took some time to share her experience as part of the HQ team. If you know someone who might be interested in interning with us next Spring or Summer, please share our job descriptions, found here!

"I was referred to HQ Raleigh’s internship by a friend, so I didn't really know what to expect. Even after doing research, my knowledge about HQ was still very limited. It wasn't until I began working here that I understood their mission to build a  strong entrepreneurial community in the city of Raleigh.

At many companies, interns are usually treated like--well, interns. We are known to be the ones who make copies and coffee runs. However, at HQ, they really work hard to include me in their projects. I sit in during our weekly staff meetings and am not only asked to listen but also to contribute. They value my opinions. I am constantly asked what I think about an idea or how I think we can improve on an idea. I do many different tasks, but most of the work I do here is gear up for our move to the Warehouse District in January. Whether it is reaching out to different organizations in the community to create relationships, using social media to get people excited about our move, or research different applications to be able to run our company more effectively, I am able to learn by doing.

On top of learning so much, HQ provides amazing networking opportunities for the interns. There is access to over 40 entrepreneurs and startup companies in our space alone. In addition to our members,there is at least one new face walking through our door every single day. These faces range from student entrepreneurs with dreams of making an impact, to CEOs of major corporations. The incredible thing about the staff at HQ is that they encourage the interns to get connected to these people. If there is someone you want to connect with, they can connect you. If a company’s mission catches your eye, they can connect you.  They want us to succeed when our time eventually ends here. This internship forces me to get out of my comfort zone and talk to people. The skills you learn and the people you meet here at HQ could potentially place you at your next job.

It also doesn't hurt that they have free coffee and beer."

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