HQ Welcomes John Short

July 27, 2016 11:27 AM

HQ Raleigh welcomes our newest team member and Operations Manager, John Short!

John is a Cary native and UNC-Charlotte alumni who recently received his degree in Organizational Management with a minor in Economics. He brings six years of operational experience from working at an Italian restaurant named Salvio’s Pizzeria. In his first two years at Salvio’s, John quickly moved up the ranks from cashier to Assistant Manager and Chef, and finally to General Manager.

In that role, he oversaw things like product management and operations. When the restaurant owner decided to expand in 2013, John was given operational oversight of the new location in Raleigh. One of the biggest lessons he learned while working in the restaurant industry was an “incredible level of patience. If [customers] are angry, they’re angry for a reason. I liked letting them vent to me like I was their best friend. One thing you don’t do is come between an individual and their food. You will feel the wrath of humanity if you do that. That has definitely prepared me to work the front desk and handle client – member management.”

John’s favorite thing about HQ is that everyday brings different experiences, challenges, and interesting conversations. When John is not at HQ Raleigh, he enjoys reading, painting, cooking (specifically Mediterranean food), and spending time with his sister who is one of his biggest role models.

Final Words from John, “This is an awesome opportunity and I’m excited to work here. I can’t wait to see what happens with the startup community in the next couple of years.”

12 Random Questions with John

  1. Cat or Dog: Dog - I have a lab boxer something mixed. I got him a year and a half ago at Cause for Paws. His name is Reggie. He’s got adorable white paws and all black with a white tip on his tail, he’s wearing his finest tuxedo all the time.

  2. Ocean or Mountains: Mountains

  3. Pokémon Go or Pokémon No: Pokemon absolutely no

  4. Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian: Taylor Swift! I’m a huge Swifty

  5. Night out or Evening in: Evening in

  6. What is your go to karaoke song: Alanis Morrisette’s Ironic

  7. Celebrity look a like: John Hamm & Adam Levine

  8. Favorite show to binge watch: It’s always sunny in Philadelphia & Seinfeld

  9. What did you listen to during your drive here? Sigur Rós

  10. Pet Peeve at Work?  When people don’t talk to one another. I can’t stand just silence

  11. Quickly brief me on your tattoos. They just kinda grew throughout the years. My first one I got the idea when I was 14, so I figured if I still wanted them when I turned 18 I would just go do it and I did. They progressively just increased, because I really like tattoos.

  12. Biggest misconception people have about you? Sometimes people find me intimidating. Occasionally I have this face on where I look like I’m mad but I’m really not. I just have terrible vision, so I’m squinting all the time and I refuse to wear my glasses because they’re uncomfortable.

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