Intern Spotlight: Tess Moses

June 3, 2015 7:27 AM

Meet Tess Moses, one of our Summer Event Planning Interns! Tess graduated from NC State University last May with a degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management with a concentration in Program Management. Check out our interview with Tess on what she loves, why she's working at HQ, and what her next steps will be!

So what made you decide to work at HQ this summer? 

I found out about this internship through a friend. She had this internship last summer and talked about it all the time, so I decided to check it out and apply.

What do you like about working here?

I am excited to work at HQ Raleigh because it is not your normal workspace. The 5 core values of HQ Raleigh are things that I think are important in order for this space to run efficiently and effectively. I grew up in Raleigh and did not stray far for college, so it's easy to say that Raleigh is very close to my heart. I also love the fact that this is a community of entrepreneurs who are working to grow their companies and HQ is able to help them however they can. It's awesome to see everything that people have come up with and being at HQ, we are able to see their plans come into action. I have been able to learn so much already from the members of HQ and their unique organizations to the wonderful staff, I know I am going to have a great internship experience. I am excited to be able to be one of the Summer Events Interns because they have a lot of different events in the space every week.

What are some other things you love to do?

I'm a slight coffee addict, so this Jubala partnership has been one of my favorite parts of HQ. I love music and going to concerts, photography, and being outdoors. I also really love traveling, and hope to do even more of it in the future.

Where are some places you've already been?

Last year at this time I was in New Zealand. I love traveling though so it doesn't matter if it's exploring around the world or staying in North Carolina.

How did you end up in New Zealand?

I went there as a study abroad trip with NC State, and I was there for a little over a month. On my trip, we never really stayed in the same place so I got to travel to different places every couple of days. That included staying with a host family, so I got to experience a typical day living in New Zealand. I also loved all the outdoor activities they had like hiking, kayaking, and bungee jumping.

And what are you planning on doing after you finish your internship at the end of the summer?

I am heading down to Orlando to work for Disney for six months, and then I hope to come back to Raleigh and find a job working with event planning. I definitely intend to come back to Raleigh. I grew up here and I've always loved it.


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