Intern Spotlight: Atticus Grinder

June 24, 2015 7:41 AM

Meet Atticus Grinder, our Summer Operations & B Corps Intern!

How did you find out about HQ?

I first heard about HQ through my university, through faculty members. I found the internship opportunity online, and decided to apply because I have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and wanted to be exposed to a startup business atmosphere where I could learn from.

What do you think makes working here different from other workplaces?

I think working here is very modern. It's almost like an experimental workplace. It's really friendly and productive at the same time. I think it's an awesome way to network as well, and to meet people in general.

What else are you up to this summer?

I have a couple of other part time jobs, where I live in Elon, NC. I'm doing a lot of off-season training for rugby. I'm also trying to think about the preparation for a business I could work on during my senior year. Also reading.

What kind of business?

I'm interested in microfinance. I feel like it's definitely a growing sector and there could be a cool tech opportunity within it.

Any fun future plans?

I'm going to Tennessee for July 4th weekend, which I'm excited about. I'm also considering going to Africa after I graduate. I feel like subsaharan Africa is a cool place to work on microfinance, as they already have some really cool things going on there. I also want to travel more.

Where have you traveled before?

I traveled a bunch in Europe over the past spring semester.

Favorite place?

I loved Berlin, and I loved Paris.

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