HQ to partner with Celito

December 4, 2013 2:21 PM

We're excited to reveal another upcoming partnership at our new space! In early 2014, we will team up with local entrepreneur, Sharat Nagaraj, owner of celito, a local Internet, data center, IT, and voice provider. Celito will equip our nearly 15,000 square foot space with Gig connectivity.

This partnership will further our efforts to support and empower Triangle entrepreneurs. With a community of over 56 co-working members and 25 Community members - a number that will certainly grow after our move - technological advancement is critical. The level of high-speed Internet service provided by celito will go above and beyond what is typically available in most workspaces, a factor that will further celito’s position as a key supporter of the entrepreneurial community. Through this partnership, we will be able to accommodate a larger number of startups, to host hackathons and events like Triangle Startup Weekend, and to provide our members with the fastest connectivity possible.

Says President and CEO of celito, Sharat Nagaraj, “This partnership with HQ Raleigh allows me to do two things that I am very passionate about: help the Raleigh entrepreneurial community grow and thrive and use our company’s unique knowledge and capabilities to provide internet and IT services for a great local company like HQ Raleigh”

The team at celito will bring both technical and entrepreneurial expertise to the HQ Raleigh community, having been in business locally for over 14 years.

Says HQ Raleigh Executive Director, Jason Widen, “This partnership with celito will enable us to better serve our entrepreneurial community and to spotlight local innovation in the technology and wireless sector. We’re excited to have the team at celito involved; their expertise will provide additional value in our space, especially for growing tech startups.”

You can learn more about celito here.

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