HQ supports female entrepreneurship with its newest event: Triangle Startup Weekend Women!

August 13, 2014 1:50 PM

Startup Weekend Inspiring More Women Entrepreneurs to Get Involved

After a successful conclusion to last weekend’s TSW Health, HQ announced on Monday its plans to host the next big event geared towards women-centric businesses and female entrepreneurship October 10th through the 12th.

Statistics show 61 percent of startups with five or more females were successful. Any investor would love those odds, right?  Then why is it that in 2012, only 20 percent of angel investments made to startups were women-led ventures?   Maybe women just need some encouragement to step out and make it happen.

Triangle Startup Weekend (TSW) organizers and volunteers are pleased to announce the first TSW designed to reach 50 percent participation from women: TSW Women. Organizers and volunteers have been working behind the scenes to create an event to provide not only inspiration, but the resources required for building and launching a company.

The goal is to encourage women to take one step closer to closing the gender gap in the startup community. This initiative aims to foster collaboration between women and men to create ideas that could ultimately change their lives and become a startup.  It’s not all about women.  It’s about men and women benefiting from each other and what we have to offer; recognizing our differences and leveraging them to drive success.

Concept pitching and team building will take place on day one; teams will be formed around concepts and skills brought to the table, leaving the remainder of the weekend for mind mapping, strategizing and building a real business. Veteran entrepreneurs will be in attendance to inspire, share stories and assist the teams throughout the weekend. On the final day, teams will pitch their business to a panel of expert judges where real prizes and services can be won.

Interested individuals can learn more and purchase tickets on the official Eventbrite page:


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