HQ Raleigh Intern Spotlight

February 27, 2015 12:55 AM

Wesley Haddon B Corp Intern

My name’s Wes Haddon, and I’m this semester’s B Corp intern for HQ.  I’m from Cary, NC, but I spent the first couple years of my college career at the University of South Carolina as an engineering student.  Last fall, I decided that Raleigh’s fast-growing small business scene was something I just couldn't stand to miss out on, so I packed up and headed back to NC to finish out my degree.  I transferred to NCSU and spent my first semester looking for ways to get involved.  After hearing about some place called “HQ Raleigh” about a dozen times, I decided to dig a little deeper.  Looking back, applying for an internship here has to have been one of the better decisions I’ve made.  Since day one, I’ve been amazed by the creative and dynamic environment here at HQ.

During my time here, I’ll be working on several projects - including everything from building a product inventory system, working with finances, and revamping the zero-waste event policies to brewing your first cup of coffee on MondayWednesday, and Friday mornings - all with the ultimate goal of streamlining HQ’s triple-bottom line operations.  As a new business student, I’m looking forward to learning the ins and outs of building and running a company, and I can’t imagine a better place to do that than in the heart of one of the fastest growing small business hubs in the area.  I am extremely excited to have this experience, and can’t wait to continue spending this semester working with HQ Raleigh and all of the people who make it great!

Mackenzie Morgan PR & Communications Intern 

Hi! I’m Mackenzie Morgan. I am now approaching the end of my second month here at HQ Raleigh as the PR & Communications Spring intern. The first two months have flown by! I’m am originally from Wilmington, NC where I grew up on the beach. Believe me, it took everything in me to leave the coast. However, life brought me to NCSU two years ago to begin college. I am currently a NCSU sophomore double majoring in International Relations and Business Entrepreneurship. I spent last semester abroad in Milan, Italy for a study abroad program through NCSU. Thanks to Owen Jordan, I found out about HQ Raleigh, and wanting to gain more experience in the entrepreneurial field, I applied for the internship here.

So far the internship has been even more than I could’ve ever hoped for. It has helped me gain a deeper perspective on what I really am interested in and what I hope to continue doing in the future. Here at HQ Raleigh I work with most of the outgoing social media. Primarily, I run the HQ Twitter and Facebook Feed. I also help coordinate the content for the HQ Raleigh blog on hqraleigh.com as well as writing some of the posts. I hope to continue to improve my writing and marketing ability while I am here. I couldn’t have found a better company to intern for, and I am excited to see what the next two months hold for me. Hopefully if I haven’t met you yet, I will soon!

Mark Graham Events Coordination Intern

My name is Mark Graham and I'm the Events Coordination intern at HQ Raleigh. Over the past month and a half I've had the opportunity to help plan such events as the Wyrick Robbins Quarterly Pitch In and the NCSU E-Clinic Launch Event. I really enjoy and take pride in doing everything possible to make sure that an event runs smoothly. Through these events as well as working at the front desk I've had the opportunity to meet many HQ members.  I am continually impressed by how open and friendly everybody is. My favorite event so far has been competing in the table tennis tournament. I managed to win a few close games before losing to The White Dragon. I began my internship with the anticipation of seeing what it takes for a startup company to make it, as I hope to one day create my own. Each day I am given hope by looking around at all of the innovative people who are showing me that it is possible. My goals as I continue my internship are to host many more successful events and learn more about product development.

Sarah Guizard PR & Communications Intern 

As an intern at HQ Raleigh I have been a part of a plethora of different tasks and activities. Since October I have been taking on assignments ranging from membership updates to social media. Being immersed in such a diverse community of entrepreneurs has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the culture of startups in downtown Raleigh. I have enjoyed being part of the community as well as learning about the people that make HQ Raleigh unique. Reading member bios and company descriptions as well as getting to understand the dynamics of the ThinkHouse has given me insight into where I would like to be after I graduate. I am currently a senior at NC State University pursuing a major in Communication-Public Relations with a minor in Arts Entrepreneurship. With graduation quickly approaching being part of the HQ Raleigh team has allowed me to grow professionally and learn aspects of communication I could not gain in the classroom. Over the next couple months I hope to gain more insight and really help HQ Raleigh and ThinkHouse with their communications as well as get to know the community better. So if you are grabbing a cup of coffee and want to chat I would be more than happy to talk with you .

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