HQ Partners with Redress Raleigh

September 9, 2013 1:17 PM

We are excited to announce a newly formed partnership with Redress Raleigh, a local eco-fashion company working toward changing the conversation within the mainstream fashion and textile industry and highlighting environmentally and socially conscious designers.

Through this partnership, the two organizations hope to help more socially responsible companies make an impact on both the local and national level.  Both groups are dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial community and fostering success for local artists and designers by providing resources and access to experts in various industries.

This relationship will provide the Redress Raleigh community with access to a wide range of resources and events at HQ.  The partnership will also allow HQ Raleigh and Redress Raleigh to further advocate the needs of the design and social entrepreneurship community through office hours and various partnership events throughout the year.

Mor Aframian, Branding and Community Relations Director for Redress Raleigh, is excited to see the additional momentum this partnership will create and said, “Partnering with HQ Raleigh will increase access to resources for members of Redress' growing design and apparel community that makes Raleigh and the rest of the Triangle a leader of sustainable solutions, creating a more responsible and transparent industry!”


About Redress Raleigh: Redress Raleigh is a local eco-fashion company that is changing the traditional fashion and textiles industry, making it more environmentally and socially aware. The organization grew from diverse origins back in 2008 when 3 women - Beth Stewart, Mor Aframian, and Jamie Powell - came together to address a niche that was missing from Raleigh's fashion scene - innovative, wearable, and accessible fashion created by designers who consider the environmental impact of their creations.  Learn more at www.redressraleigh.com.


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