HQ Member Spotlight: Owen Jordan

January 26, 2015 1:16 PM

Owen Jordan: RESQD Founder, HQ & ThinkHouse Member

I don’t think I had ever met a true original Jonas Brothers fan, you know before anyone thought they were cool…well until last week; then I began a conversation with Owen Jordan. Luckily that’s not his defining passion.

Owen is a recent North Carolina State University graduate, with a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Sustainable Business. He now works as the Resource Manager here at HQ Raleigh. Owen is also part of the nine month Think House program for young entrepreneurs. Think House is a co-living space here in Raleigh, NC where young entrepreneurs are launching scalable companies.

Three years back Owen founded RESQD, a social enterprise that creates education opportunities for orphans funded by their very own drawings. He features their drawings on totes, tees, prints, and potentially coffee mugs. A certain percentage of funds from the merchandise go toward RESQD projects. His first RESQD mission was partnering with Loving Orphans Global and Lindsey Spieker on a project she had launched in Bali, Indonesia. During this project Owen worked with Jewel Home Orphanage, and used funds to help purchase a bus for the orphanage kids and provide safer transportation. His second project finished up October 2014 in Bungoma, Kenya. In Kenya, RESQD helped provide funds to start a textile store and vocational center. Revenue produced from the textile store has gone further to start a church for the deaf and the owner’s husband has been able to buy a power saw so that he can now start-up his own timber business.

As the New Year has swept in Owen has begun his third outreach project to Guatemala City’s La Limonada district. La Limonada is a trash and gang-ridden ravine running through Guatemala City, but beneath the slum exterior lies what Owen calls a “community of beautiful people.” This is the first trip abroad Owen will physically be going on for RESQD. He will be in Guatemala from February 8th-14th traveling and working alongside Bill Cummings, the Founder of Lemonade International, to determine education opportunities and let local beneficiaries tell them what is needed in the area. Owen plans on continuing to collect drawings from the children while he is in Guatemala for new RESQD merchandise. $3 from the sale of each product will go towards the Guatemala project. Owen is hoping to find partnership with Cotopaxi, who sells backpacks and outdoor gear to fund education opportunities around the world, in hopes that he can one-day feature the children’s drawings on a backpack. While in Guatemala, Owen also plans on getting his hands into photojournalism to document the kids and capture the essence of people in these slum-ridden communities as he spends time with families and children each day. He plans on providing disposable cameras for the kids can take their own snapshots of their day-to-day lives. It’s amazing what a simple act can do to booster education for children around the world.

To learn more about RESQD and check out merchandise: http://www.resqd.co

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