HQ Interns: Where Are They Headed?

August 14, 2015 7:36 AM

It's that time you've been dreading all summer: time to say goodbye to the Summer Interns. Kylie, Tess, Maddie, and Atticus are heading off to their respective next steps. Check out their final words on the HQ Blog and see what they're up to next!

Atticus: Thanks HQ team & member companies for showing me what it's like to work in a thriving co-working atmosphere! I've loved being surrounded by a startup scene and learning from it. Moving forward, I'm headed into my fourth and final year at Elon—starting classes at the end of August. I'll be taking econ & biz courses to help me prepare delving into social entrepreneurship after graduation. Additionally, I'll be leading my club rugby team from both President & Captain roles this upcoming academic year. After graduating, I want to road trip the U.S. for a couple months before living abroad in a developing nation for one year. After that, I want to come back to the U.S. and live in a big city in which I can work on growing my company. I like NYC a lot. Thanks again for the experience and good luck to everyone in the future!

Kylie: As the last couple of days as a HQ Raleigh intern come to an end, I reminisce on the amazing experience I have had. I am sad to see this summer come to an end, but it will be a summer I will never forget. I gained a large amount of knowledge about the start-up world and was truly inspired. HQ Raleigh is a place I can now call home. Even though I will be hundreds of miles away, I will always be close with the connections I have made in these 3 short months. So, what now?  I am moving to Nashvegas, Music City…NASHVILLE! I have no bed, no job, and no money but I can honestly say that I cannot wait to be there! Thank you to all the HQ Staff, members, and of course da terns for the most amazing summer I could have asked for.

Maddie: You'll actually be seeing me around for a few more weeks, even though I'll be (sob) done working at HQ. I'm still working at Big Pixel and VoteBash as their communications interns. As for my next step, I'm heading back up to Boston University to start my second year of school. I'm still major-less, but I hope I'm closer to figuring out what I'm going to study. I'm also going to be working as a peer mentor for first-year students, volunteering with the Community Service Center, and performing with my musical theatre group at school. I've had an incredible experience working with HQ. I don't know where else I'll be able to find such a unique workplace with so many diverse, interesting people. Thanks to everyone who's helped make this a fabulous internship, especially the HQ team and fellow interns!

Tess: Unlike Maddie, today is my last day in North Carolina. :( I've lived here (almost) my whole life and am going to start my not-so grown up job working for Disney! I only have three things left on my to-do list before moving at 6 AM tomorrow. 1. Turn in my novel, final project at NC State so I FINALLY receive my diploma. 2. Say goodbye to everyone 3. Begin packing. I will be at Disney for the next six months before looking for a more permanent job. I am definitely going to miss HQ Raleigh and all the wonderful people I have met. This set the bar high for future jobs. I have loved getting to know the staff, members and helping everyone with all of their air conditioning needs. I could not think of a better place to do my final internship for NC State at! Thanks to everyone who made this experience so memorable!!

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