HQ Green Games 2015 - Day 9: Auto Edition

July 29, 2015 4:00 AM

Our second-to-last day of the HQ Green Games focuses on one of the most infamous hoarders of energy: Cars. Even if you need one to get around, there are still many thing you can do to minimize your individual carbon footprint.


  • Feather Foot - Accelerating hard is for teenagers in parking lots and Vin Diesel. Maintain your speed - you'll save at the pump! You can increase your fuel efficiency by 33% just by cool driving.

  • Phat Wheels - Flat tires? Get 'em PHAT. The right tire pressure will make a surprisingly big improvement in your car's gas mileage. Buzz it when you inflate your tires. Doing this can increase your fuel efficiency by 1.5%.

  • Smog Log - You have to have your car's emissions checked - it's the law (in most states, anyway). This pin is just another reward for doing what's right. Getting emissions problems fixed can increase your fuel efficiency by 4%.

f you want to be even more responsible about monitoring your car's impact, think about investing in Automatic:


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