HQ Green Games 2015 - Day 6: Shopping

July 26, 2015 10:25 AM

It's Sunday and we know what that means! Time to prepare for the week ahead! That means lots of grocery shopping and potentially lots of plastic. Check out the featured buzzes on how to be more eco friendly when it comes to shopping.


Grab Bag - This is step 1: Get a reusable bag (or save a used shopping bag) and pledge to carry it with you.

Hold the Bag - Got your reusable bag? Step 2 is: Use it. Buzz this pin every time you say, 'No bag, thanks' at the store.

Trash to Treasure - Need something new? Whether it's a hat or a hat rack, get it on Craigslist, Freecycle.com, or a thrift store to Buzz this pin.

Errand Buster -Who has enough time these days? Conserve your most valuable resource: Combine several errands into one trip to Buzz this pin (this habit can save you 10 hours a year).

For more information on plastic pollution click here!

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