HQ Green Games 2015 - Day 5: Social/ Entertainment

July 26, 2015 10:04 AM

It's the weekend! It is a time to go out and relax. But even taking it easy can still have a big impact!


  • Home Town Hero - Volunteer in your community! Because sustainability isn't just about saving energy - it's about taking care of each other. Join a neighborhood clean-up, mentor a child, or any other good deed. Every hour will earn you a Buzz.

  • Eco Party - Support your local community and the WHOLE ENTIRE PLANET by attending a sustainability event in your area, and you'll get this pin.

  • Park Place - This one's a walk in the park. Visit a public park near you and Buzz this pin. After all your Buzzing, you've helped preserve nature. Now, get out and enjoy it!

  • Film Buff - Looking for great movie recommendations? Buzz this pin each time you watch one of our chosen films. Some suggestions to get you started: 'Flow', 'Carbon Nation', 'Wall-E', 'Fern Gully', 'Fuel', 'Erin Brockovich', or 'The Blue Planet'.

Got Netflix? Check out this website for some sustainable movie suggestions. You never know it might change your life!

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