HQ Green Games 2015 - Day 1: Re-use It

July 21, 2015 9:29 AM

As the countdown to the start of this year's HQ Green Games ticked its final seconds, five teams anxiously prepared to begin buzzing-in their teams' points through the Joulebug sustainability app. The Challenge will last from Tuesday, July 21 until Thursday July 30. To join, download 'Joulebug' on the App Store. Once in the app, add HQ Raleigh to your Local Communities, and join the HQ Green Games 2015 Challenge. From here, you can pick one of the five teams to join. Choose wisely! The winning team will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to Downtown Raleigh and have their team's photo hung up in HQ.

Each day of the Challenge will have a THEME, including featured buzzes of the day and a corresponding link to learn more about living sustainably.

Day 1's theme is "Re-use It". This theme focuses on different ways to re-use everyday things that often get thrown away.


  • Pack-A-Sack - Pack your lunch in a reusable bag or container - you'll save money, packaging, and the time it takes to stand in line.

  • Second Life - Got an old cell phone or CD player lying around? Old electronics contain rare earth metals that we buy from China. Help Uncle Sam: Recycle an electronic for this pin.

  • Unpack Rat - Whether it's Spring cleaning or just another Sunday, donate to a thrift store or hold a yard sale to avoid the landfill and Buzz this pin.

You can find these Pins in the app by shuffling through the categories or typing them in the search field. To learn more about a cool way to re-use old items, check out Yerdle: https://yerdle.com/

Check out the blog tomorrow to learn about Day 2's theme: "SAVE YO WATER". Happy buzzing!


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