Healthy Entrepreneurship with LoyaltyGrades

January 9, 2015 12:42 AM

We're excited to kick off our Healthy Entrepreneur Challenge on Monday! The fun starts with a parfait breakfast, sponsored by HQ member LoyaltyGrades. 

LoyaltyGrades is reinventing patient engagement, with three new ways to survey patients.  They offer iPad surveys, text surveys, and online reputation monitoring to physicians, dentists, spas and other health related businesses.

We asked their team a few questions to learn how they incorporate wellness into their company:

1. How do you incorporate wellness into your company culture?

Rick Wilfong: The biggest way I incorporate wellness into our company culture is to be outcome driven.  I believe that good people will always rise to the occasion when given the chance.

2. Do you have any tips to stay healthy/manage stress as an entrepreneur? 

Rick Wilfong: I have three pieces of advice for staying healthy and managing stress as an entrepreneur.  First, you have to remember it is a long race.  Depriving your body of sleep, nutrition, and relevance only works in the short term.  Second, you have to play your own game.  If you get caught up in what others are doing, you will take your eyes off the ball.  Third, you have to believe in what you are doing and find a ways to help other people.

Blake Perdue: One, take walk and talks where you get exercise while having a discussion. This also increases your blood flow and thinking abilities while also getting some exercise. Two, standing work stations seem to be a good solution, although personally I hate them :)

3. What is your favorite healthy snack or activity? 

Rick Wilfong: I hate healthy food - but try every day!

Here's hoping Rick likes healthy food a bit more after the 10 day challenge! Well have healthy snacks every afternoon at 3pm.

Thanks again to LoyaltyGrades for sponsoring the Kickoff Breakfast! 

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