Food Week In a Nutshell

June 15, 2015 5:55 AM

We had such a fabulous first annual HQ Food Week thanks to all the companies that donated their time or noms to HQ. Here's a recap of the many food events we hosted.

On Tuesday we began our mornings with lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos made to order by our fabulous Jubala coffee barista. Jubala is located in Lafayette Village in North Raleigh, and is in the process of opening up a new location downtown, but what could be better than the local company bringing their beans and baristas right to us every Tuesday?

We also paid a visit to Lomo Market, which stops right next to HQ at CAM Raleigh every Tuesday at lunch time. The moving shop brings fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, and more right to us every week and is perfect for those who want to shop local but don't have time to go out of their way to find it. Below is HQ Intern Kylie checking out the fresh produce. I was more preoccupied with the freshly baked cookies and muffins.

Tuesday afternoon we received a fabulous visit from Samantha Attard, our wellness expert, who talked to the HQ Members about slaying your energy zombies, giving us wellness tips for leading a better, more energetic lifestyle. Read the full recap here:

One of our newly chosen ThinkHouse fellows for next year stopped by on Wednesday afternoon to showcase her food entrepreneurial idea, called FreshBox! The food storage system keeps your food fresh for much longer, and greatly cuts down on food waste. We can't wait to hear more from our fellow next year!

Also on Wednesday, we were lucky enough to receive a gift from Videri Chocolate, one of our neighbors. They stopped by to drop off a few delicious goodies for us to munch on Wednesday afternoon.


Thursday, we highlighted another HQ Member when one of our previous think members, Rebecca, stopped to showcase her company, Ello Raw. The company makes healthy, delicious desserts, inspired by Rebecca's family's struggles with health problems over the years. We tasted her Cinnamon Sugar Donut and Cacao Brownie, and had no idea they were actually good for you!

We finished out a fabulous week on Friday with donuts from A Pig's Ear and coffee from one of our sponsors, Raleigh Coffee Company. A Pig's Ear features dairy free, gluten free donuts that offer a delicious blend of sweet and savory in each bite, while Raleigh Coffee Company showcased it's most popular blends.

We had such a great week! Special thanks to all our food sponsors, and to Intern Kylie Howe for organizing the entire event. We can't wait for a reprise next year!

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