Exploris School Takes on Business at HQ

June 4, 2015 9:09 AM

Yesterday we had the pleasure of touring the 2nd and 3rd graders from Exploris Charter school.  The students all got to guess how many coffee stirrers were in the art work piece, Adam was closest from the first class at 9,000.  Emmy won for the second class with her exact guess of 30,000!  Both are now proud owners of HQ Raleigh T-shirts.

The 2nd grade class had the pleasure of learning about energy conservation and monitoring from Tom Sullivan, CEO of OBX (obxcc.com).  The students got to watch Tom turn on lights from his HQ Raleigh Office, in an office in Germany.

The 3rd grade class got to step into DX Lab (http://dxlabdesign.com/) where they learned about the various design concepts the DX Lab crew are working on.  The students seemed especially excited about the video monitored smart bird feeder, as well as the concept of robots building houses.

Both classes had a small treat from the folks at Threepost (http://www.threepost.com/) as they passed through the halls at HQ.

At the end of their trip through we provided the students with a popsicle treat before they headed off to tour more of the Downtown Raleigh Warehouse District.

We hope to have the students join us again!

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