Congrats to the 2014-2015 ThinkHouse Fellows!

June 1, 2015 12:25 AM

On Monday, May 18th, our second class of ThinkHouse Fellows pitched the concepts they've been vigorously working on for the past nine months. We caught up with a few of the Fellows for a brief update on what they each pitched, as well as some reflections on their experience in the program!

Jeremy Wall, Founder of Lumenus: 
Lumenus is creating performance lifestyle wearable technology and smart clothing designed to improve and enhance your life. Crafting a brand of clothing, soft goods, and accessories centralized around beautiful design and innovative performance.

Jeremy recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a partnership with a prominent active brand there.

He says of his experience before moving: "My time in ThinkHouse was truly the most valuable period of my life, thus far. ThinkHouse not only allowed me to work with top notch mentors, teachers, and entrepreneurs; it surrounded me with those at the same stage in their journeys as myself. I learned just as much from the seasoned entrepreneurs as my own novice ThinkHouse fellows-- this is what makes the experience life-changing and unique. Overall the greatest benefit from my time in ThinkHouse was the confidence gained in myself, and validation that I create my own future."

You can learn more about Jeremy and read his guest post on wearable technology here.

Tia Simpson, Founder of Vibrance Studio 

Sometimes it isn't about the destination, it's about the journey that got us there, and ThinkHouse has been quite a journey. I had three different companies during my time in ThinkHouse and now have a successful software and design consulting company called Vibrance Studio that focuses on branding, websites, and mobile apps built with love.

Learn more about Tia and her company here.

Michael Hoy, Co-Founder of Boombox.FM 

​​Every week, Boombox.FM sends music from the best undiscovered musicians in the world, straight to listener's inboxes, personalized to their tastes, for free. We are THE preeminent source for up and coming music discovery.

Says Mike of his experience at Demo Day: "Pitching at HQ on ThinkHouse Demo Day embodied everything the ThinkHouse program had offered all year. Incredible energy,phenomenal community, and priceless learning."

Learn more about Mike and sign up for Boombox.FM for free here!

Sophia Hyder, Founder of Papilia 

I pitched Papilla, a personalized travel app that helps you pack in a way that is efficient and culturally appropriate for your destination. This app will provide you with style tips, cultural etiquette, important tips, and current events to check out all in less than a minute by using your style information, weather, business/leisure activities, and destination. We are in the design and development phase, with a scheduled beta launch for Fall 2015.

Says Sophia on Demo Day: "I was so proud to see the progress and accomplishments of my fellow ThinkHousers; and I believe we all gained an immense amount of practical knowledge from this experience."

Learn more and sign up to use Papilia here.

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