A Look into E.C. Howington & Co. with Cy Howington

March 26, 2015 1:44 PM

“E.C. Howington & Co. focuses on the areas of Organizational Development, Leadership & Management Development and Human Resources. The objective is to provide good coaching and counseling in these areas so that business leaders can create an organization that is built, and can focus, on obtaining their goals and objectives. Simply put, we want to help leaders put the right organizational structure in place so that the main reason for being in business (building a great product or providing a great service) can be realized.

We have worked with great young start-ups such as Vital Plan, Snap Yeti, CCS and others up to large global organizations that include, Cisco, Intel, Raychem and Summa Corporation.  In the past, we have also done work in the public sector with various State and Federal groups. Some of the efforts with younger companies have included

Organizational Development: i.e., “Given our product, service, or offering, what is the best organizational structure to implement that will help us develop our product, our go to market strategy, or adjust for market conditions and build for the long-term? What type of environment do we want for our employees? What kind of business processes do we want in place to be able to reach our objectives.

Leadership & Management Development: “What type of Leadership/Management style do we want to implement? Which is the best one that will fit our business model? How do we develop our people for leadership/management roles.

With larger companies, along with the above, we’ve also developed:

Team /Individual Development Plans: What type of team will fit best and work well within the larger organizational structure. How do you want to lead that team? How do you develop a team where the team members support each other? How do you help the team maintain focus so the day-to-day activities are structured towards meeting the overall team objectives? How does the leader of a team coach their employees for improvement? How do you take them from average performers to better? How do you take them from better to great?

Organizational Structure: How do you assess and re-align to adjust to changing market conditions? How would this alter the internal organizational effectiveness of the company? How can you use this as an opportunity for improvement/refinement of existing processes or as an opportunity to implement new ones.

One of the main reasons I like giving time to HQ is that anytime you can help set the direction for a new company or organization at the “beginning of life,” the better equipped the new leaders will be in managing the ups and downs of building their  business. The opportunity to assist these business leaders in the areas of leadership, development, and focus is rewarding to see as these new companies grow and succeed.

If there was one bit of advice I could give to the good companies at HQ, and actually to any new start-up and its leadership, is to decide now what type of company/leader you want to be. Don’t wait until tough times set in to decide how you want to navigate through them. Build a company and team that can take you where you want to go and what kind of company you eventually want to lead. Once you make that decision, and put the appropriate people, plans, and processes in place, the more you can focus on building a great product or service, and the more fun you’ll have doing it.”

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