How did The Interbrew get started? What's on tap for them now?

June 21, 2016 2:51 PM

HQ Raleigh members and recent ThinkHouse accelerator alums Kyle Sheats and Jared Childs joined with Sean Pruszkowski in 2015 to create "The Interbrew," a mini-documentary series that highlights local entrepreneurs.  

After Kyle and Jared realized their most impactful meetings happened at local breweries over a few beers, The Interbrew was born. The Interbrew takes a usually formal and impersonal interview system to new heights by lightening the mood over a few beers and natural conversation. Watch a few episodes and you'll quickly feel like you could just as easily be sitting there having a conversation with Kyle, Jared, and the entrepreneurs on screen. 

With a few beers and excellent camera work, The Interbrew has created a unique way to connect the Triangle's startup community. We'll drink to that! 

Watch The Interbrew Demo Day here >

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