December 7, 2015 1:38 PM

Our community is what makes HQ Raleigh a unique and exciting place…but we don’t always get to see the day-to-day of the HQ companies and the members who push them forward. With so many cool things going on, we decided to change that!

We’re launching a new Instagram campaign to get a closer look at the cool people and startups within HQ Raleigh. Through the #HQDayInTheLife Campaign, you’ll have the chance to take over our account for the day! (handle: @hqraleigh) 
You heard that right…

Hop on over to our sign up form (herewhere you can choose a day to “takeover.” If you’re working on something extra special one day, select that day to sign up, or choose to show us what the normal routine at your company is (we use “normal” loosely…)! 

Once we have given you the info you need to login to the HQ Raleigh account, all you have to do is Instagram 6-8 photos throughout the day! This is your chance to share what a day in your “HQ Life” looks like so be creative! What’s your company culture? Any quirky things in your office? Show us! 

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